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Tag Archive: The Social Economy

The Halo Effect; Storytelling Is Not Business Strategy

  In his book, The Halo Effect, author Phil Rosenzweig asserts that business strategists derive universal truths by synergizing a collection of facts, data, and scenarios, regardless of how related or unrelated they may be. In particular he targets those who establish business trends through their work in business books, magazines, and newspapers, arguing that their storytelling…

Is the Internet Destroying the Middle Class?

The editors at Big Think posted an article titled “Is the Internet Destroying the Middle Class?” that introduced an upcoming presentation by author Jaron Lanier at Techweek Chicago on June 29, 2013. Mr. Lanier’s premise is that technology companies are taking over the North American economy, yet employ fewer people than the technology companies of old. And…

The Uncomfortable Age of Transparency

Gone are the days of the stand-alone customer loyalty card (or just plain loyalty for that matter)  – we’re now seeing a range of new data, social media feeds and smart phones that are changing the way organisations engage with their clients. We’re in a generational and philosophical struggle between older, closed systems and the new, open…

Challenging the Rules of Social Darwinism

“Survival of the Fittest”, first championed by philosopher Hebert Spencer is an extension of Charles Darwin’s theory on “natural selection”, which describes the preservation of favoured races in the struggle for life. Spenser’s sociological adaptation of Darwin’s biological theory has been sometimes referenced as “Social Darwinism” (note: the term “social” was not used to reference modern day…

The Short-Sightedness of Customer Service

In my last post: Customer Service, Twitter and Why They Fail, I stated that the use ofTwitter for customer service communications may not be delivering businesses what it can or should. I argued that current customer engagement practices are filling up social media streams with public apologies and mea cuplas, which certainly demonstrate empathy, caring and listening…

Customer Service, Twitter and Why They Fail

I remember the days when the common response to public criticism of your brand’s product or service was: “as long as they’re spelling my name correctly” who cares? Burying one’s head in the sand was a perfectly acceptable response. How bad could it get? Who could they tell? As recent as five years ago, many were quoting…

Should We Get Executive Buy-in for Social Marketing?

  There is an old saying “It’s better to beg forgiveness than ask permission”. In the realm of marketing, that is both sound and dangerous advice depending on the organization you are in. More innovative, customer-centric organizations embrace the likes of social for its potential value to the brand while more traditional business is highly reluctant proceeding…

Social Business. Enter the Matrix.

  You have a choice. Take the Blue Pill or the Red Pill. Take the Blue Pill and Run on the Corporate Wheel. Acme’s Sales Executive Ted has a conversation with a prospective customer about industry needs, which sparks an idea for an innovative product upgrade. He e-mails the idea to Susan his Sales Manager, who likes…

Are Your Employees Operating “On-Demand”?

  It’s a well-known fact that customers now expect your business to be “on-demand”. They tweet a complaint with the expectation that you’ll see it and respond quickly. They check-in on FourSquare looking for some immediate reward or offer. They order a product and expect “in-stock” status and shipping overnight.    More than on-demand response, they expect…

The Inevitability of Social Business?

Once again Chris Heuer has inspired another blog post here on the Social Roadmap. This past week Chris & I were back to back speakers at the Social Media Masters conference in Los Angeles, where we spoke about the future of the enterprise. Chris outlined his vision of the enterprise in the post-digital era: the Social Business….

ion, not Trust, is Social Currency

  After taking a short break from blogging/writing over the past several months I have spent the last week trying to come up to speed on current topics/trends/issues that my audience cares about. Recently i have been hearing a lot about “’social currency” and that “trust is THE currency” of the day. But why trust? I mean…

Building Blocks for Corporate Social Communications

I recently attended a MarketingProfs B2B conference in Boston where the majority of queries I received from business executives was “how do I start a social media program for my business”? Each corporate exec I spoke with had expressed the desire to wrestle back control of the “public engagement” that their business’ departments had begun with clients…

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