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Tag Archive: social media ROI

Low Digital Marketing Acumen Is Hurting Brands

There’s a discrepancy, it seems, between the amount of time marketers spend talking and blogging about digital marketing and their likelihood to actually execute digital marketing efforts. From the volume of articles written, conferences attended, and twitter chats participated in, one would assume that all marketers and the brands they represent are completely digitally savvy and thus…

Social Media May Not Be Helping Your Business

Social media was heralded as the greatest thing to happen to brand marketing since, well, since ever. Consumer-generated advocacy and publicity, direct conversations with customers and advocates, and free advertising through YouTube and other social networking sites were supposed to turn garage-based businesses into mega-conglomerates and save businesses tens of thousands in marketing costs. Yeah, right. Social…

Bud Light Embraces Content Marketing, Builds Millennial Audience

It’s almost time to reveal the secret location and videos of the hinted-at debauchery of Bud Light’s Party City!   BBDO’s campaign, called “Up for Whatever,” has been promising Millennials the opportunity to be invited to the party of the year on Labour Day weekend at a yet-to-be revealed Bud Light town called “Whatever USA.” Along with the…

Will Ambush Marketing Kill Corporate Event Sponsorship

The cost of a Super Bowl commercial, while remaining flat at a rate of $4 million in 2014, has increased by an average of 10% per year since the first Super Bowl was aired ($45,000 for 30 seconds), according to SportingCharts.com.  Clearly, there’s no shortage of interest in this event by the public or advertisers. In fact,…

Do You Know Your Customer Acquisition Costs?

  Social networking, social media marketing, blogging…if you speak to marketers today, these are the words you’ll hear most often when asking about customer acquisition plans. There’s certainly a growing focus on the importance of social media in customer acquisition, but at what cost? Do you know your customer acquisition costs? You know, the amount of capital invested…

What If Social Media Didn’t Have ROI?

ROI, simplified ROI. These three letters make Boardrooms question everything; make department heads scramble to justify everything; and make many a marketer tremble. But it’s a simple mathematical equation this ROI (return on investment).  ROI = (Profit-Cost)/Cost* That’s it… Now, whether you are a mathematical genius, an accounting wizard, or an InDesign magician, the basic tenet of…

Relationship Intensity and ROI Measurement

I had the honour, last week, of joining many insightful and intelligent people at the eMetrics conference in Toronto. Self-defined: eMetrics is “big data for Marketers; this is a comprehensive event dedicated to digital analytics and marketing optimization”. Some very smart speakers sharing case studies, tools and exposés on best practices, tools and, of course, metrics to…

Creativity and Customer Acquisition Can Co-Exist

I’ve had the same conversation a few different times over the last few weeks. I’ve been talking about the importance of ROI – as in, “Return on Investment” when it comes to social media, and I’ve been mentioning the fact that if you are investing a lot of money into your social media efforts without even attempting…

Social Media Marketers Must Be Held Accountable

Mark Evans made an entry on the Sysomos blog last week entitled: Prove Social Media’s Business Value that starts with the statement “social media is a lot of things to a lot of people, but at the end of the day it needs to impact your bottom line.”  He had me at “bottom line.” Now, before you…

Marketers, What Your CEO REALLY Thinks Of You

You’ve earned hundreds of thousands of dollars in earned media. You’ve built your Facebook fans to 10,000 in 6 months. You’ve increased the lead funnel by 15% over last year. You’re the golden child of the organization; you’ve played squash with the CEO and received the keys to the executive washroom. All is right with the world….

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