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Tag Archive: Social Media Measurement

Low Digital Marketing Acumen Is Hurting Brands

There’s a discrepancy, it seems, between the amount of time marketers spend talking and blogging about digital marketing and their likelihood to actually execute digital marketing efforts. From the volume of articles written, conferences attended, and twitter chats participated in, one would assume that all marketers and the brands they represent are completely digitally savvy and thus…

Marketers, What Your CEO REALLY Thinks Of You

You’ve earned hundreds of thousands of dollars in earned media. You’ve built your Facebook fans to 10,000 in 6 months. You’ve increased the lead funnel by 15% over last year. You’re the golden child of the organization; you’ve played squash with the CEO and received the keys to the executive washroom. All is right with the world….

Why Social Media Marketers Don’t Measure Up

I posted a short rant last week on my growing frustration with marketers fixated on social media metrics such as size of community, depth of reach, frequency of connections and sentiment while failing or refusing to measure how they impact the profitability of the business. It generated a healthy debate within the comments, which, in part, began…

A Social Media Measurement Rant

Social Media marketers first measured the number of fans and followers they had on Facebook and Twitter and yelled: “Yeah! We’re driving results through our social media efforts. Look at me, I’m wonderful”. Then the CEO asked: “How much money did that make us?” Room goes silent. So marketers, learning from this looked to metrics such as…

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