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Tag Archive: Social Business

Time To Convert Your Social Engagement Into a Sales Funnel?

We’ve all heard the analogy of social media acting like a megaphone, digitally amplifying your voice to a large crowd. While this is technically correct, amplification  no longer the end-goal of social media marketing.  Well, at least it shouldn’t be. When we were first introduced to “Web 2.0,” marketers were excited about the fact that technology would…

Smartphones and the Numbing of the American Mind

Smartphone usage is on the rise. Yeah, I know; no big surprise there. Smartphones have become an appendage that we turn to almost constantly for the time, news, communications, entertainment, and directions.  Here are some staggering stats (according to a study conducted by Tecmark) In an average week, a smart phone user picks up his/her phone more…

Trust, Humanizing, and Other Social Marketing Myths

With the rise of social media, and the effect that peer-to-peer communication has had on branding efforts, we’ve seen a rise in the call to “humanize” business brands through customer experiences, user interface design, relationship building, and marketing. Books such as Extreme Trust but Don Peppers and Martha Rogers, Trust Agents by Chris Brogan and Julien Smith,…

#Bizforum Live Debates at New Media Expo in Las Vegas

Almost three years ago, about the time I joined the management team at Sensei Inc., I founded a weekly  online debate called #bizforum, which debated trending business topics on Twitter. Inspired by other popular Twitter chats, I used this forum to challenge both myself and our audience to dig deeper, to discuss business paradigms beyond the pithy…

Will The Internet and Mobile Technologies Kill Traditional Television?

  According to the latest information shared by ComScore, consumer consumption of media content is fragmenting across digital platforms at an accelerating rate. For example, originally-scripted TV content can now be viewed on the Internet using a PC or Mac — and increasingly via mobile and portable devices; TV ads are being delivered online; and sports programming…

Social in the C-Suite: Five Core Observations

The numbers keep coming in. Slowly, very slowly, executives in the C-suite are recognizing, at least in principle, that social media has long since ceased to be a novelty of the rising generation and become a core driver of social life and therefore economic decision-making. The process is remarkably slow for those whose chief concern is to…

Relationship Intensity and ROI Measurement

I had the honour, last week, of joining many insightful and intelligent people at the eMetrics conference in Toronto. Self-defined: eMetrics is “big data for Marketers; this is a comprehensive event dedicated to digital analytics and marketing optimization”. Some very smart speakers sharing case studies, tools and exposés on best practices, tools and, of course, metrics to…

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