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Tag Archive: Sam Rants

How Delta Airlines Is Cheating Some of Its Loyal Customers

Those readers who follow this blog will know that I have very clear opinions on airlines, loyalty, and customer experience.  They also know that I travel a fair amount for both business and pleasure, and that I’ve experienced incredible and unexpected acts of customer service as well as unbelievable ineptitude by both airline staff and fellow travellers….

Influence, Ego, and Mob Mentality

This past week, Leadtail, a digital and social media services firm, released a report entitled: B2B Social Marketing Report: Marketing Executives on Twitter. It’s billed as a report that provides insights into how digital marketers engage on Twitter. Why is this report necessary? Well, Leadtail’s target audience seems to be firms that seek to capture the attention…

The Customer Exit Interview – Too Little, Too Late

So I received this call from Rogers, my son’s cellular provider, asking if I wouldn’t mind taking 5 minutes to answer a few questions about why I called to cancel my service contract. It was the “exit interview,” a common practice within marketing and customer service departments in many organizations. The interview is both a research tool…

The Problem With Content Marketing

We cannot turn on the computer these days without being inundated with “content is king” proclamations by marketers and social media strategists. Content marketing is touted as THE critical tactic in today’s social media practice for businesses. It’s defined as any type of marketing that involves the creation and public sharing of content in order to acquire…

Marketing Conferences Need an Education

Go to a marketing conference today and what do you see? On stage you’ll witness many ego-laced presentations and thinly veiled sales pitches from so-called experts. You’ll hear session leaders reiterating content from their blogs and, often, other people’s case studies.  In the audience, you’ll see attendees tweeting notable one-liners from the presentation while making plans for…

Delta Airline’s Disposable Customers

So you’ve been a loyal Delta Airlines customer for 10 years, travelling almost 300,000 miles.  You’ve chosen it over other airlines even when Delta’s flight options require one- or two-stop layovers. When a competitive airline’s price was lower, you remained loyal to Delta and paid the extra fees.  You’re a loyal customer. Your loyalty earned you Silver, Gold and ultimately,…

Journalist Sinks to New Low; Newsjacks #BostonMarathon

Within minutes of hearing the horrible news that 3 explosions at this year’s Boston Marathon killed and injured people, I did what most of us do: I turned to Twitter. Given my experiences during similar disasters in the past, I knew I should have walked away from Twitter, but I didn’t because there were people that I…

Why Did the Marketer Climb the Mountain?

The new Wolverine movie is coming! The new Wolverine movie is coming! Any new multi-media treatment of Marvel’s X-Men franchise – from comic books to cartoons to movies gets my immediate attention. I excitedly watch movie trailers over and over in anticipation of the upcoming main event, I mark the dates in my calendar and pre-purchase tickets…

Social Media’s Culture of Entitlement

You want immediate and round-the-clock access to connect with your friends and favorite brands on social networking sites. If you can’t instantly share your vacation pictures and last night’s “killer sushi” dinner with one click, you download another app that will.  You won’t accept fees to access any of these sites or services, yet you complain about…

Social Media Marketers Must Be Held Accountable

Mark Evans made an entry on the Sysomos blog last week entitled: Prove Social Media’s Business Value that starts with the statement “social media is a lot of things to a lot of people, but at the end of the day it needs to impact your bottom line.”  He had me at “bottom line.” Now, before you…

American Airlines Rebrand – Lipstick on a Pig

American Airlines, the embattled airline currently fighting for its life through bankruptcy protection, announced it will be updating their fleet’s look with a slick coat of silver mica paint, new tail design and an updated logo. Huh? Given the airline’s well publicized issues with computer failures, cancelled flights, safety issues and labor strife, is a coat of…

I Declare Open Season On Social Media Experts: Closed.

Ok, enough already. Isn’t it about time we stop ragging on “social media experts?” I understand the origin of the ridicule; there are marketers, authors and “professional” speakers who seek to leverage “first-to-market” advantage when new technologies, methodologies or processes are introduced, even when little is known about that in which they’re professing to be experts. When…

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