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Tag Archive: Mobile

Smartphones and the Numbing of the American Mind

Smartphone usage is on the rise. Yeah, I know; no big surprise there. Smartphones have become an appendage that we turn to almost constantly for the time, news, communications, entertainment, and directions.  Here are some staggering stats (according to a study conducted by Tecmark) In an average week, a smart phone user picks up his/her phone more…

How Mobile is Disrupting Traditional Loyalty Programs

My last post here on Sensei blogs shared some statistics that demonstrate the disruptive effect of smart phones on the photography habits of consumers.  Mobile technology and devices have had a disruptive influence on many aspects of our lives beyond digital photography, which, in turn, has disrupted how businesses must engage consumers. Mobile is Disrupting Traditional Loyalty…

Is our addiction to the utility of mobile apps blinding us to potential security issues?

Almost a year ago, I called out the Facebook Messenger app on Android for having insidious permissions settings. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, which, in modern day terms means you don’t have access to the Internet, you’ve seen the furor that was created when that post went viral these past few weeks. Last week Facebook made good…

You’re Reading This While on the Toilet Aren’t You?

We love our smart phones. For the vast majority of us, checking our phones for emails, text messages, news, and social media updates has become instinctual. Waiting in line for coffee…check the Weather Network app. At a red light…text your spouse. In a meeting…check email. At the airport…play online poker. At lunch…take and post an Instagram picture….

Customer Experience is the Only Competitive Advantage Left

What does it take to be competitive today? I see dozens of articles and books each week that claim to have the answer. Is it becoming a social business, selling your product online, or offering the lowest price? The Global Leaders of Customer Experience Management Survey reported that 85% of senior business leaders agreed that “price, delivery,…

7 People-Connecting Strategies for #B2B Marketers

Earlier this week I wrote a post claiming that Business-to-Business Marketers’ self-inflicted aversion to people is the reason they’ve been slow to adopt mobile and social technologies; thus, failing to adequately leverage either channel. I argued that their marketing focus is also business-to-business and not people-to-people. Today, I’d like to follow that up with a few suggestions…

Mobile Transcends Tactic to Become the Complete Brand Experience

  Businesses must quickly rethink their concept of mobile. Mobile is not a device. It’s not a new payment gateway. It’s not another marketing channel. Mobile isn’t just a channel and frankly, it’s evolving beyond a strategy. Mobile is the new Web that connects and I’d argue sustains other social and communication channels. Mobile devices have morphed…

Challenging the Rules of Social Darwinism

“Survival of the Fittest”, first championed by philosopher Hebert Spencer is an extension of Charles Darwin’s theory on “natural selection”, which describes the preservation of favoured races in the struggle for life. Spenser’s sociological adaptation of Darwin’s biological theory has been sometimes referenced as “Social Darwinism” (note: the term “social” was not used to reference modern day…

The 7 Deadly Sins of Market Leaders.

I responded to the recent news of the resignation of RIM’s Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis with mixed emotions. As a Blackberry user and fan, it signals a possible change in direction to what I saw as an arrogant disregard for my patronage and loyalty. On the other hand, after reading some of the comments from the…

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