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Tag Archive: Marketing Accountability

Who and What Is A Micro-Influencer?

The term micro-influencer has become very popular lately. With the practice of influence marketing maturing (well, sort of), marketers are embracing concepts beyond Klout scores and “social amplification as influence” when designing influence marketing campaigns. Micro-influencer is one of those concepts.  However, the definition – like so many other things in this industry – shifts based on…

“The Fat Jew” and Instagram – All That’s Wrong with Influence Marketing

Josh Ostrovsky, otherwise known as “The Fat Jew” is quite a big deal these days (pun intended). Ostrovsky has amassed a large social media audience, predominately on Instagram (5.5 million followers) and Twitter (251,000 followers), through which he shares his humorous take on life. Often, these viewpoints are profanity-laced, lewd, and/or off-color comments and images, which have not…

Visual Influencer Marketing Is On The Rise, But Is It Worth The Investment?

Images, videos, infographics, and other visual content have become increasingly popular forms of digital expression for individuals and content marketing fodder for bloggers and marketers.  This content has spurred the growth of social networks in which such content is produced and shared such as Vine, Pinterest, and Instagram.  So it should be no surprise that advertisers and…

Is the War Between Marketing and IT Over?

The strained relationship between marketing and IT departments, it’s a tale as old as time (well, at least as old as the invention of computers). There’s certainly no love lost between these two; marketers request digital work to be completed in a month but it takes the IT guys that much time to stop laughing at the…

Do Marketers Need Email Marketing 101 – Again?

Here on the Sensei blog, we rarely plan or write marketing 101-type instructional content.  There is an audience for “How to Tweet,” “What is Pinterest,” and “How to Maximize Google+ for Business” articles, and there are many bloggers and forums for such content. We attempt to look at bigger issues facing our customers, which are typically larger…

Anecdotal Evidence is Still Evidence

Panning it out I had a refreshing meeting with a corporate executive recently. It was refreshing for many reasons. He was totally and completely honest. He shared how tough getting his teams aligned could be. He also shared their vision for a more customer-centric organization. This meant shifting the internal culture to be less about the macro data…

Do You Know Your Customer Acquisition Costs?

  Social networking, social media marketing, blogging…if you speak to marketers today, these are the words you’ll hear most often when asking about customer acquisition plans. There’s certainly a growing focus on the importance of social media in customer acquisition, but at what cost? Do you know your customer acquisition costs? You know, the amount of capital invested…

What If Social Media Didn’t Have ROI?

ROI, simplified ROI. These three letters make Boardrooms question everything; make department heads scramble to justify everything; and make many a marketer tremble. But it’s a simple mathematical equation this ROI (return on investment).  ROI = (Profit-Cost)/Cost* That’s it… Now, whether you are a mathematical genius, an accounting wizard, or an InDesign magician, the basic tenet of…

The Problem With Content Marketing

We cannot turn on the computer these days without being inundated with “content is king” proclamations by marketers and social media strategists. Content marketing is touted as THE critical tactic in today’s social media practice for businesses. It’s defined as any type of marketing that involves the creation and public sharing of content in order to acquire…

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