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Tag Archive: Lifecycle Marketing

Survey: Real Forces Disrupting Marketing Effectiveness

In a 2014 survey conducted by McKinsey & Company and the ANA, B2B and B2C marketers revealed the real forces disrupting marketing effectiveness today. Below is a summary highlighting the results. 1. Complexity and Fragmentation 48% of marketers reported that the fragmentations of the audience, and complexity of solutions and options for audience engagement, are significant disruptions…

Owning the Customer Experience is a Marketing Function

The landscape in which businesses operate has changed dramatically in modern times, yet the roles of marketing executives and departments have been slow to change. According to consulting firm Deloitte, the influence and agenda of marketing executives have expanded, yet their organizational context has not fully caught up — they often have only indirect input on many…

Comcast Customer Recovery Strategy – Too Much, Too Late.

Arguably, phone, wireless, and cable providers are simultaneously the most predatory and desperate of all direct-to-consumer businesses. They conspire with each other to set inflated prices for mediocre service and negotiate territories to avoid competition, which, in turn, helps them set inflated prices for mediocre service. They demand your loyalty but only seem to reward that loyalty…

Customer Loyalty and Advocacy are Not Interchangeable Concepts

I have attended a few conferences lately where I’ve heard both presenters and attendees use the terms “customer loyalty” and “customer advocacy” interchangeably, which frustrates me to no end – especially when it’s done by so-called “marketing experts.” In my experience, customer loyalty and advocacy are not interchangeable concepts.  There’s a significant difference between the two. In fact,…

Customer Experience Is NOT Marketing

Marketers, those experts at telling us what we really want, are now saying customer experience is the new marketing. I’m here to tell you it’s not. So one of the challenges with customer experience, when done well, is how absolutely all-encompassing it is. So, yes, the marketing your company does is part of the customer experience, but…

Delta Airline’s Disposable Customers

So you’ve been a loyal Delta Airlines customer for 10 years, travelling almost 300,000 miles.  You’ve chosen it over other airlines even when Delta’s flight options require one- or two-stop layovers. When a competitive airline’s price was lower, you remained loyal to Delta and paid the extra fees.  You’re a loyal customer. Your loyalty earned you Silver, Gold and ultimately,…

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