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Tag Archive: Lead Nurturing

Your Business Doesn’t Need A Facebook Page

I’ll start this post with the disclaimer that the title may be a little misleading. This article won’t argue that businesses can’t benefit from Facebook pages but it won’t kneel at the altar of Zuckerberg either.  The goal here is to shed some light on misconceptions generated by “social media gurus” about the importance of Facebook pages…

Community Management: The 90-9-1 Rule is Dead

We’re all familiar with the 90-9-1 rule, which states that in any group of 100 people there is/are: – 1 member that is a super active communicator, actively engaging everyone else in the group –  he/she becomes the thought leader – 9 who are somewhat active, engaging the rest of the group occasionally -90 who are content…

Managing Disruptions in Customer Acquisition Strategy with Social Relationship Software

In my last post for Sensei Blogs, I discussed the disruption to customer acquisition strategies that has been driven by SoLoMo or social, location, and mobile technologies. The point was that the merging of these technologies, which has increased real-time user engagement by consumers and customer data collection by businesses, has ushered in a true paradigm shift…

Of Course ROI is Tricky. You’re Not Selling.

The Social Media world has been scratching its head about Return on Investment for almost as long a social media has existed as an entity. Not only have influencers in the space been unsure as to how the actual platforms were going to make any money, it has remained an enigma as to how any business person…

Does Social Media Stunt Business Growth?

I understand that the title of this post will instantly be considered a ploy to capture attention and links; however, there’s an honest sentiment behind the question:   “Does social media stunt business growth?” After reading Margie Clayman’s post Customer Acquisition: Community Versus Clique here on Sensei Blogs last week, I was left wondering about the value of…

Three Ways to Shift Your Buyer into Conscious Decisions

In Rebel’s last post here on Sensei Blogs, The Biggest Barrier Between You and Your Buyer Isn’t Your Competition she presented an argument that the status quo (the way we’ve always done things) is the biggest obstacle preventing our buyers from buying or buying more. Today she presents her thoughts on breaking that status quo and driving…

The Tough Tie Between Social Media Conferences and Customer Acquisition

If you’re in the online world for say, 3 months, you start realizing that social media conferences like SXSW Interactive, BlogWorld (now New Media Expo), and many others are huge deals amongst social media practitioners. You’ll notice that a lot of the people promoting these conferences are simultaneously promoting talks or presentations that they’ll be doing at…

Thought Leadership and Sales

In his new book To Sell Is Human, author Daniel Pink argues that sales was, not so long ago, based on “information asymmetry.” Cars for sale (…) fall into two categories: good and bad.  Bad cars, what Americans call “lemons,” are obviously less desirable and therefore ought to be cheaper.  Trouble is, with used cars, only the…

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