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Tag Archive: CX

Survey: Real Forces Disrupting Marketing Effectiveness

In a 2014 survey conducted by McKinsey & Company and the ANA, B2B and B2C marketers revealed the real forces disrupting marketing effectiveness today. Below is a summary highlighting the results. 1. Complexity and Fragmentation 48% of marketers reported that the fragmentations of the audience, and complexity of solutions and options for audience engagement, are significant disruptions…

You’re Reading This While on the Toilet Aren’t You?

We love our smart phones. For the vast majority of us, checking our phones for emails, text messages, news, and social media updates has become instinctual. Waiting in line for coffee…check the Weather Network app. At a red light…text your spouse. In a meeting…check email. At the airport…play online poker. At lunch…take and post an Instagram picture….

Who’s Done More for Music – Apple or Starbucks?

So, who’s done more for music, Apple or Starbucks? Interestingly, neither of the options are musicians, music producers or labels. We’ll get to that later. Apple has been credited for re-inventing – if not saving – the music industry after Napster turned the market on its ear. When peer-to-peer music sharing spawned a global underground of people…

Overlooked Touchpoints In The B2B Customer Experience

If I were the betting sort, I’d put my money on the fact that your company has probably overlooked critical touchpoints in the B2B customer experience. It happens over and over, and as companies grow and contract, these important connections with customers fall through the cracks. 1. Check Out It’s fairly well-documented this is a vital thing to…

The Challenge of Building a Customer Experience Team

A few years ago, nobody really discussed customer experience, let alone implementing a whole team within an already-existing organization. Yet here we are, and a lot of companies are doing just that and many are beginning to experience the challenge of building a customer experience team. It reminds me of the days in the 90’s when companies…

The Problem With Content Marketing

We cannot turn on the computer these days without being inundated with “content is king” proclamations by marketers and social media strategists. Content marketing is touted as THE critical tactic in today’s social media practice for businesses. It’s defined as any type of marketing that involves the creation and public sharing of content in order to acquire…

The Power of Two, Or Why Social Media Sucks for Business

Social media has led business astray. For all its promised benefits including faster, more effective access to larger communities, it has forced many marketers down a path that leads to lower business revenue. There, I said it. My name is Sam Fiorella, I’m a business owner and I have a problem. My problem is that for businesses,…

How Do You Measure Customer Experience?

Last  Wednesday, I hosted the 102nd edition of  Twitter’s first debate hour: #Bizforum. The topic: Is “Customer Experience” the same as Marketing? I’ve also lately been debating the impact of a vocal CEO on customer experience (think Abercrombie & Fitch). In each conversation, I’ve heard a common refrain… – Who really owns customer experience? And more importantly,…

Your Product Sucks; What It Does is Amazing.

A common mistake that many software and product marketers make is to orient marketing collateral, Web site navigation and even brand messaging around its features and functions. Take a look at most technical product or software web sites and you’ll quickly see a navigation button for “features.”  Drill down and you’ll see a litany of sub-navigation listing…

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