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Tag Archive: CX strategy

The Flip Side of Social Media: Servicing Customer Expectations

Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Quora, LinkedIn….businesses are pushing harder and harder at engaging customers across multiple digital channels and social networks, each experiencing varied levels of success. It’s that success that I wish to discuss today. When asked what is social media success, most will give you the typical soft metrics including follower count, number of…

You’re Reading This While on the Toilet Aren’t You?

We love our smart phones. For the vast majority of us, checking our phones for emails, text messages, news, and social media updates has become instinctual. Waiting in line for coffee…check the Weather Network app. At a red light…text your spouse. In a meeting…check email. At the airport…play online poker. At lunch…take and post an Instagram picture….

Who’s Done More for Music – Apple or Starbucks?

So, who’s done more for music, Apple or Starbucks? Interestingly, neither of the options are musicians, music producers or labels. We’ll get to that later. Apple has been credited for re-inventing – if not saving – the music industry after Napster turned the market on its ear. When peer-to-peer music sharing spawned a global underground of people…

Why corporate mission statements stink

Corporate mission statements typically stink. I mean they really stink. They are lacking any real meaning or depth. And most typically, they are totally ignoring the customer experience. Here are three phrases I’d like to eliminate from mission statements everywhere. “To be the best” Is there anything that falls flatter than this as a mission? It’s lacking…

Why are People Quitting Facebook?

An online campaign, which began in response to the growing anger over Facebook’s privacy policies, has identified some interesting insights on why people are quitting the world’s largest social network.  To date, the survey (QuitFacebookDay.com) identities 40,672 people who have publicly committed to quitting Facebook. The fact that Facebook is the world’s largest social network should make…

How Delta Airlines Is Cheating Some of Its Loyal Customers

Those readers who follow this blog will know that I have very clear opinions on airlines, loyalty, and customer experience.  They also know that I travel a fair amount for both business and pleasure, and that I’ve experienced incredible and unexpected acts of customer service as well as unbelievable ineptitude by both airline staff and fellow travellers….

The Challenge of Building a Customer Experience Team

A few years ago, nobody really discussed customer experience, let alone implementing a whole team within an already-existing organization. Yet here we are, and a lot of companies are doing just that and many are beginning to experience the challenge of building a customer experience team. It reminds me of the days in the 90’s when companies…

The Problem With Content Marketing

We cannot turn on the computer these days without being inundated with “content is king” proclamations by marketers and social media strategists. Content marketing is touted as THE critical tactic in today’s social media practice for businesses. It’s defined as any type of marketing that involves the creation and public sharing of content in order to acquire…

Customer Journeys Are More Jungle Gym Than Funnel

Humans like things that make sense. Math. Logic. GPS Directions. Customer journeys are often represented in the same way. The sales funnel is so simple, in theory. We put the many prospects in the top, they travel willingly and orderly through the funnel, and POP! They exit into a converting customer. Bravo! But customer experience travels on,…

Customer Experience is the Only Competitive Advantage Left

What does it take to be competitive today? I see dozens of articles and books each week that claim to have the answer. Is it becoming a social business, selling your product online, or offering the lowest price? The Global Leaders of Customer Experience Management Survey reported that 85% of senior business leaders agreed that “price, delivery,…

Customer Experience: Oh, sometimes I get a good feeling, yeah.

For years messaging was our primary means to capture our buyer’s attention and create their experience with our company. In today’s world of digitally empowered buyers, our messages no longer create our customers’ experience. In fact, our buyers won’t even see our messages if they have a less than compelling emotional experience. They’ve already filtered us out…

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