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Tag Archive: Customer Service

Comcast Customer Recovery Strategy – Too Much, Too Late.

Arguably, phone, wireless, and cable providers are simultaneously the most predatory and desperate of all direct-to-consumer businesses. They conspire with each other to set inflated prices for mediocre service and negotiate territories to avoid competition, which, in turn, helps them set inflated prices for mediocre service. They demand your loyalty but only seem to reward that loyalty…

The Isolated Life of Customer Service Reps

Have you ever really thought about what it must be like to be a customer service representative? A day in the life of a rep typically means dealing with irate and irritated customers, many of whom are completely justified in their gripes. These comrades of both company and customer must don protective armor to protect their own…

Ignore Happy Customers At Your Peril

Earlier this year, along with family and friends, I made my annual pilgrimage to our condo is Orlando, Florida – with fear. It’s not the long lines at Walt Disney World or the hectic Orlando International Airport that I dread; I don’t look forward to flying an American airline with my children who have severe peanut allergies….

Social Media, Happy Customers and Missed Opportunities

What is the value of a happy customer? Is it more or less than a dissatisfied customer? Social media has trained customer service teams to be hyper-sensitive to online negativity, possibly alienating and discouraging online positivity. Online monitoring software allows for the identification of both positive and negative sentiment in online conversations, yet negativity is given the…

Customer Experience Cannot be Automated

I’m a bit disturbed by the fact that most customer experience (CX) discussions I’ve had lately with marketers have been about marketing automation and technology. Software firms pitching clients at trade shows, on webinars or at conferences all seem to be leading with the promise that their technology will generate a greater customer experience through automated engagements…

Social Media is Creating Bad Customers

Do you remember the disaster called #McDStories? The now famous story of how McDonalds was hijacked on Twitter by people tweeting negative stories on their hashtag. Poor planning combined with outright naivety about the their own brand perception quickly attracted a growing, “angry” mob of real customers and trolls who completely derailed the whole McDStories campaign. Now,…

#CustServ Has Become the Defining Success Strategy for Business

Has customer service emerged from the call centers and basements of businesses to become the defining business strategy for success? Well, if you’re to believe the results in the newly released 2012 American Express® Global Customer Service Barometer, you’d certainly lean that way. The conclusions drawn from this report suggest that social media has elevated this business…

Social Scoring, Misdirection and HR Recruiting

You’re not active on Facebook? You may not be qualified to work as an Engineer. Not Tweeting? Sorry, you can’t be hired in the Travel & Tourism industry. No Pinterest board? You’re future as a Chef just hit a major roadblock. To rational people such statements will seem ridiculous but in reality they’re not far from becoming…

The Uncomfortable Age of Transparency

Gone are the days of the stand-alone customer loyalty card (or just plain loyalty for that matter)  – we’re now seeing a range of new data, social media feeds and smart phones that are changing the way organisations engage with their clients. We’re in a generational and philosophical struggle between older, closed systems and the new, open…

The Seven Rs of Modern Day Communications

Each year sees a new trend in the evolution of business communications. Over the past years people have called out Unified Communications, Cloud Computing and more recently Mobility and SIP-Enabled Infrastructure. Most predictions focus on the evolution of the technology rather than the cultural changes that impact how we communicate within our organizations and beyond. Have technologies…

Stop Measuring Customer Service

  One of the benchmarks many businesses set and measure is the quality of their customer service. No doubt, it’s an important metric to a business but do the results (positive or negative) really enable game changing business strategies? In this series, I’ve been challenging business leaders to compete by changing the rules of the game instead…

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