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Tag Archive: customer life cycle

Use Intent Data to Drive Influence Advertising Strategy

It’s no secret that your every click is tracked online; what sites you visit, what ads you click, and what articles you read are all stored by the likes of Google, Facebook, and their ilk in order to create buyer personas to which they may better serve relevant ads. However, despite the resources dedicated to creating these…

Sensei Marketing Pivots to Meet Customer and Market Demand

Sensei Marketing announces a pivot in its business practice to better align with customer and market demand, introduces Customer Insight Analysis (CIA) Platform Sensei Marketing, an established marketing technology and consulting firm based in Toronto and New York City, has been providing sales and marketing consulting, campaign strategy, and development/hosting services to an impressive list of businesses…

Comcast Customer Recovery Strategy – Too Much, Too Late.

Arguably, phone, wireless, and cable providers are simultaneously the most predatory and desperate of all direct-to-consumer businesses. They conspire with each other to set inflated prices for mediocre service and negotiate territories to avoid competition, which, in turn, helps them set inflated prices for mediocre service. They demand your loyalty but only seem to reward that loyalty…

Customer Loyalty and Advocacy are Not Interchangeable Concepts

I have attended a few conferences lately where I’ve heard both presenters and attendees use the terms “customer loyalty” and “customer advocacy” interchangeably, which frustrates me to no end – especially when it’s done by so-called “marketing experts.” In my experience, customer loyalty and advocacy are not interchangeable concepts.  There’s a significant difference between the two. In fact,…

Customer Acquisition is Just The First Step

Recently, we started working with a company whose social media had been handled by another person. We had been told that we were being considered because this “consultant” had become unresponsive and had seemed to lose interest in the entire process. As we have begun to dig into what this consultant did – or rather did not…

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