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Tag Archive: Blogging

Your Blog Should Not Require A Topic Generator

I started blogging more than ten years ago. During this time, the reason I blogged – and the focus of those blogs – have varied based on my personal experiences and situations. It began with a small blog that shared my personal views on business and morphed into a corporate blog dedicated to starting debates on specific marketing…

Why Build a Corporate Blog Instead of a Corporate Website?

In recent months, I’ve been approached by numerous people asking why Sensei’s corporate website is predominately a blog site rather than more artistic presentation of the technology and creative we supply our clients. “Our goal is not to promote ourselves but our thinking; our website is not a sales tool but an educational one,” I reply. The…

Corporate Blogging Questions Answered

This post has been a long time coming; not because the theme or the content required a lot of time to prepare but because it’s based on questions that my clients have been asking me for years about corporate blogging.  Secondly, there are so many articles written about blogs and blogging that I felt there wasn’t much…

B2B Marketers Have No Funny Bone

Last week’s exchange on the place corporate blogs have within the modern marketing mix inevitably featured the oft-used buzzword: “humanize,” as in “a blog is an excellent opportunity to humanize your brand.”   The term represents the concept of making a business more relatable to its customers, moving beyond marketing-speak, product brochures and spec sheets to showcase the…

The Corporate Blog Challenge

Last week I posted an article asking if corporate blogs had become sacred cows. I questioned the logic of a corporate blog remaining the center of a social communication hub when readership is down, competition for attention is increasing and our audience’s preference is evolving towards shorter, more visual content. Why are marketers so unwilling to accept…

Have Corporate Blogs Become Sacred Cows?

“Sacred Cow” is an idiom referencing the eminent place cows have in Hinduism.  Figuratively speaking, a sacred cow is something which is immune from question or criticism.  After challenging the #bizforum community on Twitter last night with the question: “Are corporate blogs still relevant?”,  I’m beginning to think that corporate blogs have become sacred cows. A corporate…

Blogs are Thought-Provocation Not Thought-Leadership

A trend is forming in our collective online engagement: less is more.  Some maintain that Twitter’s ever-growing popularity is championing this phenomenon: build it and people will speak in headlines. On the other side of the spectrum, you have those who argue that micro-blogging sites have formed in response to our jam-packed lives and the resulting need…

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