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Tag Archive: Blogging Strategy

Your Blog Should Not Require A Topic Generator

I started blogging more than ten years ago. During this time, the reason I blogged – and the focus of those blogs – have varied based on my personal experiences and situations. It began with a small blog that shared my personal views on business and morphed into a corporate blog dedicated to starting debates on specific marketing…

Why Build a Corporate Blog Instead of a Corporate Website?

In recent months, I’ve been approached by numerous people asking why Sensei’s corporate website is predominately a blog site rather than more artistic presentation of the technology and creative we supply our clients. “Our goal is not to promote ourselves but our thinking; our website is not a sales tool but an educational one,” I reply. The…

Corporate Blogging Questions Answered

This post has been a long time coming; not because the theme or the content required a lot of time to prepare but because it’s based on questions that my clients have been asking me for years about corporate blogging.  Secondly, there are so many articles written about blogs and blogging that I felt there wasn’t much…

When Did Bacon Become Business News?

How competitive is the market for online news viewership? It’s so competitive that respected news publications have elevated bacon to the realm of “newsworthy” story.  For over a year now I’ve noticed the inclusion of “Internet-popular” subjects introduced into  the content mix of my favorite business, marketing and news sites, subjects that would never had made the…

Is Free an Asset to Content Marketers?

  I came across a rather colorful comment on a Facebook thread recently that criticized a web site for requiring a name and email address to access the article she began reading. Her indignation at the request was evident in the language she chose: “Let me read what I want to read for free or  f@%$ you,…

The Business Value of Proficient Tweeting

I was recently categorized as a “social chatterbox” by a colleague, referencing my frequency of tweets and engagement with followers on Twitter. …I’ll give you all a few moments to nod your head in agreement… I’ll admit that for a split-second my reaction was to be insulted but that quickly passed since I’m not hung up on…

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