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Tag Archive: Big Data

Is the War Between Marketing and IT Over?

The strained relationship between marketing and IT departments, it’s a tale as old as time (well, at least as old as the invention of computers). There’s certainly no love lost between these two; marketers request digital work to be completed in a month but it takes the IT guys that much time to stop laughing at the…

Anecdotal Evidence is Still Evidence

Panning it out I had a refreshing meeting with a corporate executive recently. It was refreshing for many reasons. He was totally and completely honest. He shared how tough getting his teams aligned could be. He also shared their vision for a more customer-centric organization. This meant shifting the internal culture to be less about the macro data…

Influence, Ego, and Mob Mentality

This past week, Leadtail, a digital and social media services firm, released a report entitled: B2B Social Marketing Report: Marketing Executives on Twitter. It’s billed as a report that provides insights into how digital marketers engage on Twitter. Why is this report necessary? Well, Leadtail’s target audience seems to be firms that seek to capture the attention…

Show Me The Numbers! [Why I never trust a calculation]

Marketers love data. Data, data, data. Big data. Little data. Internal data. Platform date. Web site data. Sales data. Conversion data. You name it data. Our fascination with data is bordering on the obsessive. I’m all for making wise business decisions based on solid data, but show me the numbers!  What I’m categorically against is holding data,…

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