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Customer Acquisition

Sensei’s customer acquisition practice is based on our philosophy of an integrated and healthy customer life cycle, as illustrated in the diagram below.  The stages in the initial sphere of our model, awareness (lead generation), nurturing, and desire act like links in a chain. If you have a weak link, it weakens the entire chain, which negatively effects the quality of the leads generated. If you have a missing a link, then the chain is broken and you risk a lower lead-to-purchase conversion ratio.

Building a highly effective and sustainable customer acquisition program is therefore key. Tactical execution, however, can be tricky given the number of choices we have with which to communicate, the pressure on resources, and the constant accountability demanded to show measurable returns.

Sensei’s sales and marketing strategists analyze each touch-point your brand has with customers along this initial path and identifies the obstacles and opportunities present that will affect your business’s customer acquisition program. This data allows us to work cooperatively with your entire organization to build a more relevant  and qualified audience, nurture that audience while building desire for your products and services, and finally, identifying the optimal conversion point in the brand-customer engagement.

This analysis – and the data points collected – become part of the resources utilized by our customer experience strategists and digital development team to engage and manage your prospective and existing customers through traditional, digital, and mobile campaigns.


The Sensei Customer Life Cycle


When completed, the end result is self-sustaining customer ecosystem that reduces the costs of acquiring and retaining customer and improving customer lifetime value.

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