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Sensei Services

Sensei increases the value of its customers’ businesses by improving the value of their relationships with customers across the customer life cycle, from awareness to conversion, and from conversion to advocacy.


Whether it’s generating sales leads or building an influence program, Sensei drives business results. Businesses across North America have hired Sensei to design, build, and/or manage the following:

  • ✓ Lead acquisition and nurturing campaigns
  • ✓ Customer engagement strategies
  • ✓ Loyalty programs
  • ✓ Advocacy or influence marketing campaigns
  • ✓ Customer lifetime value management
  • ✓ Identification, benchmarking, and monitoring the health of customer relationships


These are provided through various Sensei services and products including:

  • Consulting Services: Sensei’s in-house experts will develop solutions best suited for the success of your business, and will effectively integrate digital marketing into your strategy.
  • Digital Services: Sensei can design, develop and execute specific digital projects to augment and deliver against your current strategies.
  • Fully-Managed Services: Sensei can provide turn-key digital marketing solutions, by utilizing our team who is ready to design, develop and execute each and every phase of a digital marketing strategy.
  • Self-Managed Services: Sensei licenses its digital platform (content management, email marketing, online surveys, loyalty programs, and customer relationship indexing), which will enable your team to operate their own digital marketing services independently.
  • Custom Development: Sensei’s experienced R&D team will design and deliver complex technical projects specific to the unique needs of your business when out-of-the-box solutions have failed or don’t offer the required functionality.


Click here to see a sampling of Sensei’s clients.

Bending the Customer Life Cycle: The Evolution of Sensei Marketing

The traditional sales cycle drives a customer along a linear path from lead generation through awareness, questioning, qualifying, and objection handling to close. Often, when the order is received, the sale is considered “closed”. There is no perceived link between satisfied customers and new customer acquisition.

In the age of social marketing, Internet and always-on information, Sensei believes the sales cycle has been supplanted by the customer lifecycle, where the customer moves from awareness, through nurturing , through conversion from prospect to customer, turning into brand advocates and influencing others into awareness, where the process starts all over again.

What does this mean for your business? Increasingly, customers discover you and make key decisions about your business before they even communicate with you. Prospective customers research you by the ratings, comments and experiences from your current and past customers. For future customers the experiences of your existing customers sets expectations for the entire buying experience.

As a result, the customer experience and customer acquisition are intertwined. It’s the Yin/Yang of customer development/lead generation; each feeds the other, and each needs the other.

Driving sales requires a well-organized sales funnel that creates, nurtures, and converts the best customers. However, to build true business value, you must support the growth of prospects into customers and customers into advocates.

Using our proprietary Customer Relationship Index program, Sensei pinpoints the bottlenecks in smoothly transitioning customers from one stage to the next, while identifying high risk, high value, and/or “profit-killer” customer segments. We then work with your internal teams to develop your customers into advocates, which, in turn, generate more qualified and high-value leads.

The Yin/Yang of customer acquisition and customer development, merged with the customer life cycle marketing and management is Sensei Marketing.

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